Whole-Food, Plant-Based on $5 a Day—Day 6

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If you’ve just joined me, this is day–6 of my 10–day Whole-Food, Plant-Based on a Budget Challenge. Where every day, for 10 days, I spend no more than $5 a day on food.

Part of the challenge was I wanted to see what yummy recipes I could create within such tight budget restraints.

Would I be able to make full flavored meals? Could I afford those extra herbs and spices that really lift a meal?

I’m still experimenting, but I’m happy to say, that yes! It is possible!

You can check out more about the challenge, and see some of the healthy, tasty and affordable meals I’ve developed as part of this challenge by clicking here.

Today’s shop

Up until today I’ve shopped at my supermarket, local health food stores, and local Indian and Mexican markets.

But today … it’s farmers market day!

Farmer’s markets are the best place to find seasonal, locally grown, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.

But even so, when you only have $5 to spend you have to be creative, and more conservative, with what you buy!

Day 6

At the farmers market I found some purple potatoes and Delicata squash. These were a lot cheaper than buying them at my local supermarket. I also bought a damaged organic avocado for 1/2 price, and some organic spinach, all for $3.50.

Next I went into a tiny Mexican market that sells indigenous foods, ingredients imported from Mexico, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. I got a cucumber, an onion and some roasted peanuts, all for $1.38.

Today I spent a total of $4.88. My budget for the day was $ 5.33, so I had 45¢ leftover!

My menu for today was:

Leftover Corn Grits with bananas

Corn Grits

Leftover Brown Lentil Soup with rice.

Brown Lentil Soup

Peanut Salad with leftover Cilantro Cashew Dressing

Vegan Peanut Salad

Mixed Lentil & Bean Dal with white rice

Mixed Lentils Beans Dal

Baked Delicata Squash

Baked Delicata Squash

As you can see I had plenty to eat for the day! Lots of different flavors and textures.

See you tomorrow!


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