Whole-Food, Plant-Based on $5 a Day—Day 7

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It’s day–7 of my 10–day vegan on a budget challenge. Where every day, for 10 days, I spend no more than $5 a day on food.

If you’ve been following my other blog posts you’ll know that I have not gone hungry!

In fact, I’ve had a week of delicious and satisfying meals. Some days I’ve had leftovers and haven’t needed to cook the next day, and today was one of those days.

What I bought today

Because I had so much left to eat today, I took today’s $5 budget and combined it with tomorrow’s, which gave me a total of $10. 45 to spend!

With a bit of extra cash and plenty of staples in the cupboard I went to my local Smart & Final store and bought some kale and broccoli, which I had been craving! I also bought some organic tomatoes, 1 lemon, 4 bananas, ginger. I spent $7.28.

Then I went to Whole Foods and bought some organic corn tacos for $ 2.99. All up I spent $10.27

Day 7

My menu for today was:

BREAKFAST: Corn Grits with banana.

Corn Grits

LUNCH:  Mixed Lentils & Bean Dal 

Mixed Lentils Beans Dal

Roasted Sweet Potato & Cabbage and rice

Roasted Sweet Potato Cabbage

DINNER: Kale Tacos. This was the only new recipe I came up with today. What better way to use some of the delicious kale!

Vegan Kale Tacos

See you tomorrow!


PS: Here’s the link to tomorrow’s post. And if you’ve missed earlier posts, here’s the link to Day–1!