Whole-Food, Plant-Based on $5 a Day—Day 8

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Today is  day–8 of my 10–day vegan on a budget challenge. Where every day, for 10 days, I spend no more than $5 a day on food.

You know how there are certain days when food has to take a backseat to other tasks when you’re on a busy schedule?

Today was one of those days!

And as it happened, I had plenty of leftovers to eat, which meant I didn’t need to do any cooking. And because I’d pooled yesterday’s food budget, I didn’t need to go shopping either!

My menu for the day was:


LUNCH: Rice with beans, plus fresh spinach and cucumber

SNACK: Roasted peanuts

DINNER: Kale Tacos

Not bad for a busy day!


PS: Here’s the link to tomorrow’s post. And if you’ve missed earlier posts, here’s the link to Day–1!